We deserve better celebrities. Word.
"Where there is no imagination there is no horror." - Arthur Conan Doyle
"I am here to live out loud." - Emile Zola
Live out loud
You can sit with us. You can share our crown.
Sit with us
King JAY-Z
Fix your hair
Shot from inside an electric pylon the strong geometric lines contrast with the blue, green and copper tones of the sky above, printed on 100% silk twill.
pylon silk print scarf
Of course we don't have favourites... But if we did, this may just be it. Solitary Chinook captured beautifully with sepia exposure on 100% silk satin.
chinook silk print scarf
Perfect timing for a photo! Printed on 100% silk satin.
sky heart silk print scarf
Surely your style statement of the season? Our feathered friends offer up flashes of neon and candy pink balanced against a background of deep blues and greys, printed on 100% silk twill.
flamingo silk print scarf
White sands and turquoise seas of Mallaig captured on 100% silk satin.
beach silk print scarf
Nostalgic times at the fun fair reflected in a retro colour palette, printed on 100% silk satin.
fun fair silk print scarf
A piece of aviation history printed on 100% silk satin.
bomber silk print scarf
From nature's runway a range of statement brights, printed on 100% silk twill.
feathers silk print scarf
Blue and turquoise beautiful summer sky, printed on 100% silk satin.
butterfly silk print scarf
Inspired by the 'genetically modified' flowers of the runway we snapped a fairly ordinary Scottish meadow and offer you our take on kaleidoscopic florals! Printed on 100% silk satin.
gm flower silk print scarf
A pop of colour thanks to a vintage military aircraft and printed on 100% silk twill.
military silk print scarf
Because we all love sequins? Printed on 100% silk satin.
sequin silk print scarf
Our take on monochrome - a print puzzle of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice. Can you spot the couple? Printed on 100% silk twill.
basilica silk print scarf
A stunning sky and black frame provides an almost oriental backdrop to the delicate Twisted Hazel branch, printed on 100% silk satin.
twisted hazel silk print scarf
Looking to the sky, from inside the Victorian Palm House at Edinburgh's Botanic Garden - printed on 100% silk satin in a stunning range of blues and greens.
glass house silk print scarf
A beautiful range of blues soften the stark subject of the photo, printed on 100% silk twill.
window silk print scarf